One Week In Havana




These images are from an impromptu week of shooting in Havana in mid January of 2011. Havana is a spectacular place to shoot. The people around town are exceptionally friendly. The city is exceptionally safe, the local joke is that there are a million people in Havana and a million police officers. Safety aside the whole place is a living time capsule, a fascinating, conflicting, difficult, fascinating, but more than anything; spectaularly unique….

DAMN is it ever fun to shoot there.

If Anybody interested in a print of any of the images shown, please drop me a line to discuss.

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4 Responses to “One Week In Havana”

  1. Jessica says:

    I love the first shot…the beach cabana…and the photos on the street are amazing 🙂 Not that I would expect anything less my dear!

  2. Travis says:

    What did you post process with??? Lightroom or some Photoshop too?

    • wojtek says:

      Hey Trav!

      The post processing was almost exclusively Lightroom. However there were a few situations where a very small amount of dodging and burning was done in photoshop. But that was only a couple of the images.

  3. Stairs & Zoe says:

    You put our pictures to shame!! Can you please be our official photographer for the whole trip…..

    Thanks for showing us round Havana, we were lost (literally on our return to the city) without you!!!

    Great to catch up as always….

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